Trenton HS Jacket Ordering

(Letter Jacket Order Deadline is May 17th)  

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Personal Computer, Laptop or Tablet are recommended Devices.

Chrome or Foxfire are recommended Internet Browsers

** Trenton HS letter jacket purchased by the school includes vinyl sleeves, school letter T and 2 school letter inserts of sport or organization that has been lettered in. (The inserts are not sleeve patches, but small emblems that go on the school letter T)

Online Ordering Steps:

1.  Sizing Instructions:

-Click and follow the instructions for your best fit.

2.  Click on the Balfour Brochure and Additional Options below for information to Personalize your Letter Jacket

- Balfour Letter Jacket Brochure

3. To Complete Your Order for Jacket only or Jacket with personalization,

-Click here and order online.

Contact Us If You have Any Questions or Need Assistance: TSRP Customer Service

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